We award the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS in these categories.

  • Home control
  • Security
  • Smart home appliances
  • Active house and energy
  • Smart home entertainment systems and components
  • Smart Garden

We award the best WORLD SMART HOME PRODUCTS with a striking seal.

  • The Golden seal of the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS is awarded ONLY ONCE in each product group.


Products nominated for the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS must be available to customers in the award year.

Products nominated for the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS are selected in March and April.

The winners will be notified in May and will receive their certificate.

The jury decides which of the nominated products will receive a WORLD SMART HOME AWARD according to a points system.


Manufacturers and distributors can register their products here to nominate them for the

Alternatively, the registration can also be made by email to

The deadline for the nomination is 01.01.1970.

The jury also invites interesting products to participate.

All registered products (physically or in concept) must have arrived at the headquarters by the deadline on 01.01.1970.


Registration and participation in the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS are free for manufacturers and distributors.

The products entered for the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS must be made available to the jury free of charge by the manufacturer/distributor. They can be picked up again within four weeks of the awards being presented. Return shipment is also possible against reimbursement of costs.


Test seals from a renowned source such as the Michael E. Brieden Publishing House signal excellent quality, create attention and visibility. As a mark of trust, they make a decisive difference in global online trade’s close competition.

If your product receives a WORLD SMART HOME AWARD, we noncommittally offer you the licensing of the WORLD SMART HOME AWARD seal, according to the area of application, duration of use, and other parameters.

Please note that the WORLD SMART HOME AWARD seal must not be used without a licensing agreement.

Please request our brochure „Test Seals in Marketing“ at