About the Awards


A distinguished jury of tool experts selects the very best products of internationally recognized smart home solutions and parts. The annual jury meeting determines, awards, and promotes the world`s best smart home solutions in different categories, based on expert testing procedures. We announce, publish, and promote the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS winners to consumers, shops, distributors, installers and dealers worldwide.

Who should apply for the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS?

Any smarthome provider from large industry to small companies or distributors worldwide, can apply for the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS voting process.

How to enter

If you already registered, simply log in here  using your login data. If this is your first time entering the WORLD SMART HOME AWARDS, please register here for your company and send us your product details.

The selection process

Every product entry will be extensively tested and reviewed by experts in each product category. Besides product applications from manufacturers, the jury is free to choose products by their expertise.

World Smart Home Award categories

Home control
  • Best Wi-Fi
  • Building control/BUS systems
  • Roll-up shutter controls
  • Roll-up shutter systems
  • Smart air cleaner
  • Smart air quality sensors
  • Smart environmental sensors
  • Smart fans
  • Smart home apps
  • Smart home complete systems
  • Smart home retrofit systems
  • Smart lights and lamps
  • Smart outdoos sockets
  • Smart socket thermostats
  • Smart sockets
  • Smart switch actuator
  • Smart water sensors
  • USB hubs
  • Voice control
  • air quality sensors
  • Complete security systems
  • IP cameras
  • IP cameras outdoor
  • IP cameras outdoor with light
  • Retrofit security systems
  • Retrofit smart key system
  • Smart alarm systems
  • Smart door and window sensors
  • Smart doorbells
  • Smart fire alarms
  • Smart key safes
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Smart switches
Smart home appliances
  • Smart Cleaning
  • Smart Cooking
  • Smart hygiene products
  • Smart Kitchen
Active house and energy
  • Active house
  • Bluetooth thermostats
  • Electricity management systems
  • Smart electric car integration
  • Smart fireplaces
  • Smart heating concepts
  • Smart home installations
  • Smart power generators
  • Smart prefabricated houses
  • Smart radiator thermostats
  • Solar systems
  • Solar systems with storage
  • WiFi thermostats
  • Zero-energy house
Smart home entertainment systems and components
  • Accessoires
  • Audio bridges
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Home cinemas
  • In-wall speakers
  • Internet radios
  • Multiroom speakers
  • Multiroom systems
  • Network AV receivers
  • Network media player
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart toys
  • Smart TV
  • Soundbars
  • Streaming player
  • Wireless headphones
Smart Garden
  • Smart irrigation system
  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Smart plant growing systems